About me

I have been in marketing for over 12 years. The first 3 years in the Netherlands whilst studying for my international marketing degree, and the last 9 years in South Africa.

(How I got from the Netherlands to South Africa is a long story which requires a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.)

Whilst my tertiary education was focused mainly on traditional media (Internet did not seem to form part of the marketing mix at that stage yet), my passion has always been with online.

During my studies, I worked for 4 different companies in the Netherlands, where my role stretched from building websites to reading proposals for renewable energy projects.

In SA, I worked for GEDA for 6 months and then moved on to work for an agency called The Virtual Works. We looked after an array of clients, mainly in the building industry, and assisted them with their websites, online marketing, as well as their inbound and outbound call centres. The Virtual Works was my home for 4 years and during that time I looked after clients such as PG Glass, Plascon, Deloitte, SmartStone, SmartGlass and many more.

From The Virtual Works I moved on to painting houses…seriously ;-). I took a 6 month break (they only call it a sabbatical in corporates), painted our entire house inside and out, before getting bored and wanting to jump back into the agency world.

A good friend of mine then recommended me to Virtuosa who interviewed me for a job there but decided I was much better suited at their sister company saidWot.

saidWot was an ORM product developed by Virtuosa that was at that stage used by many of their clients, including some of the big banks and agencies. It only took me a few weeks to see the amazing power of this tool and grab it by the horns and get it in the market. Pretty soon we were looking after large retail clients (I would mention names, but that’s just bragging), global companies, and clients from all over the world.

When our CEO decided to move to the States, I took over as GM and ran the agency with the help of the financial manager and head of development. In a very short space the business grew immensely and the team worked flat out to service all clients.

As amazing as my days at saidWot were, I had to move on to other grounds and decided to take a job at a global financial institution.

I worked in the financial industry for almost 2 years, looking after their social media, CSI and sponsorship initiatives, online marketing, and all brand and lead generation campaigns. During those 2 years I worked with the team on some fantastic projects, from game development to small online marketing campaigns, and from social media engagement to website restructuring.

I have now taken the big leap and have gone on my own. Hoping to use the knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 12 years for my own clients. And I am looking forward to it!

All I want to do is good marketing, which means I won’t always be right, but doing the right thing for the client.

At the moment, I am part owner of NouveauTopia.

—The Beginning—


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  1. Awesome indeed to read your story. Your story is very energetic & more appealing to wanting to know more about you.

    Keep moving – someone will notice you!

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