Another 10 Grey Hairs

Every time we sit with a new company and we get to hear that either they do not have Google Analytics on their website, or they have never received any reports on it, I get another 10 grey hairs. And another 10 when they indicate that they do have Google Analytics but cannot access it because it is on their agency account.

Now, luckily I am blonde, which means that to the outside world those extra 10 to 20 grey hairs don’t stand out that much. But can you imagine I wasn’t? Part of our quote for a client would then be a bottle of hair dye to get rid of those 10 to 20 new grey hairs that appeared just in that one meeting.

It blows my mind (I am sure that this is why grey hairs appear) that in this day and age, there are still brands out there that do not track what their visitors are doing on their website. That have spent money on building a site for their existing and potential clients (or any other stakeholders for that matter) but do not know whether those people are actually enjoying the site? And that are not learning from what their visitors are doing on the site in order to improve their user experience.

And it does not matter whether you spent R20 000 on a site or R2 million on a site. Whether you are a massive FMCG brand or a small shop in a little town with 3000 residents. Surely, you want to know how people are navigating through it.

Now, I know I love my stats, analytics, numbers, figures. Not because they tell us how good something is performing (i.e. Woopy…10 million impressions on our new online banner…sigh – and another 10 grey hairs just from writing that down…) but they showcase exactly where we can improve on things. How can we make the user have a better experience on our site. What can we learn from this visitor? Why did he (or she) leave the site so quickly? Why don’t they want to buy our product? Did they not see our Facebook Icon in the corner, telling them to come and visit our page and like it?

This information you can get is worth more than the telephonic survey to your customer base. Worth more than the email campaign you just launched to ask people to please tell you what they like and don’t like about you. (often without giving them anything in return for that information!) Or, even worse, having a pop up on your website asking people to tell you what they want on the website because you are thinking of maybe redesigning it. The latter made the entire website experience even worse, right there and then.

Anyways, the reason I am writing this down is because I am very passionate about this topic. Although this is often mistaken as aggression (which might be, in part, due to the Dutch accent as well – perhaps even the waving of the arms when talking), it is far from it. Regardless of how small or big your company is, any organisation should be jumping for joy at the opportunity of having this data at their fingertips!


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