One Liners

Just some one line thoughts.

(Not all of them mine, but I was clever enough to write them down when other people used them)

People will use a social media platform in a way that makes sense to them. Not necessarily in the way it was meant to be used.



Don’t be fooled. No social media platform is safe for your kids.

Don’t just build a website. Build a website with the view of marketing it.

No. It’s not ok to stop your social media engagement during the holidays. Especially not if you are a brand used more during the holidays.

No use complaining on social media if the brand requires you to do a lot of work to overcome their system integration issues.

Thousands of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter means nothing if they aren’t engaging with your content or you, as a brand.

Social Media is not “free”, it requires operational and marketing budgets to be successful.

There is no such as a thing as a “Guru” or “Specialist”.

Don’t only look at what you want a website to do as a company. Look at what your existing and potential customers want. And use that as the central point.

Don’t do anything without the relevant research conducted. It will give you insights that will save you money later on.




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