Is your marketing campaign supported by your systems, processes and people?


Too often I come across amazing campaigns or campaign ideas that look fantastic on paper. However, what most agencies and companies forget is that every single campaign needs to be supported by the systems available. And nobody does the research around this to see whether the required systems and processes are actually in place.

No point for instance, going on a huge sales drive, putting loads of money into PPC, banner advertising, page take overs, YouTube advertising, etc if your sales force cannot handle the amount of incoming leads. Or if you cannot measure the increase in sales from the campaign. All you are doing is creating this great expectation which is then undone by the lack of internal supporting processes.


Should every campaign not start with an audit (or research if you want to call it that) of the processes and systems in place? So that rather than looking at the prettiness and awesomeness of the campaign (and the awards that could be won because of it) look at the actual goals and objectives? Can your sales force handle the number of leads? Are you able to respond to all questions on your social media profiles? Will the website withstand the number of visitors you are sending to it? How are you going to report back on the actual sales increase. Are your stores or branches aware of the campaign? And when I am talking about campaigns, I am not even referring to R1m+ campaigns only, even a small website needs to have the right processes in place in the back end to support it.


Some examples just from the last 2 weeks:

Standard Bank: Whilst you are standing in queue at one of their branches, you are exposed to a pull up banner that promotes their self service offering. This is done, I assume, to make sure that people use the self service rather than standing in queue. However, as any other person would do, I went to the promoted URL via my mobile device just to get to a page that indicates the browser is not supported…Surely, this is something that could have been foreseen?

In addition, when complaining about this on Twitter, using their Twitter profile to direct it to, I never received a response or acknowledgement of my complaint.


Mugg & Bean: When posting a complaint on Twitter about their Fourways branch, I almost immediately received a response. This raised my excitement levels and I was happy with the fact that they were willing to listen to my complaint. However, after providing them with my contact details to resolve the complaint, I received no reply. When asking them when I would receive a solution, I was told that it could take up to 48 hours because of the escalation process?

If you are that quick in responding on social media, you need to be able to follow up on that in the same speedy manner. Leaving me waiting for 48 hours is not an option and undid all the excitement I previously experienced.


Pick n Pay: They send you a survey that asks for 10 minutes of your time to provide them feedback. What’s in it for me? The chance to win 100 000 SmartShopper points.

Now, since they have sent it to my email, which is linked to my Smart Shopper Card, you would think they have all my information already. However, at the end of the survey, they ask you for your SmartShopper Card Number again as well as your contact details. Don’t they have this? And can somebody explain to me where to find this number on the actual card?


You are asking people to help you provide them with a better user experience. But then the experience of the survey itself is not great which leaves me doubting whether my feedback will actually be taken into consideration.


In addition, it would have been nice to receive a Thank You email afterwards to just thank me for the time I spent improving your stores.


All this is telling me though, looking at the examples above, is that whilst the campaign might have been thought through, the systems to support the campaign are not in place or were not taken into consideration.


The research has not been done to see whether the campaign will actually work for the end user, who should be the focus point in every marketing campaign.


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