A shower is like a magical ball. As soon as you step through the doors and under the water, you get this overflow of amazing ideas. However, the minute the water turns off and you step out, half of them disappear. Which is such a pity! Some of my best thoughts, my most amazing ideas, come to me in the shower. But half the time I can’t remember them afterwards.

Anyways, that’s not what I wanted to write about. But it seemed like a nice introduction to any good article or piece of content.

We’ve worked on a lot of website projects over the years. And what always takes me by surprise, even after all these years in the industry, is the fact that people do not understand that a lot of the work, the changes, the updates will only happen after the website has been taken live. The structure and the design of the site that you take live is based on assumptions, best practice, industry standards, and brand preferences. The real insights in terms of what works and doesn’t work you will only get when people start visiting the site. And that should be the main driver of the changes.

Any agency can take a 100% perfect website live for a client that is convinced all the content is right, the call to actions will get the leads in, and tons of visitors will come and see the brand. But only when real people start going to the site will you know whether your assumptions were correct or not.
And often, a lot of the things that you thought were perfect might not be and may require changes.

So why then this perception that taking a website live is the end point? That this is where you stop? It should be the starting point. The point where you start seeing the real results and can make changes based on these insights.

Taking a website live is the start of a long journey. A journey of changes, insights, learnings, and more changes!


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